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Diepvries guarantees the best quality

If required, all frozen goods that end up in our warehouses can be provided with a quality report. This report shows the precise quality of the fruit in your delivery. It’s great to be able to assess, at a distance, where the goods that have arrived on the boat also really do comply with requirements.

The frozen goods are checked on a very regular basis in an area especially set up for this. As a result, the correct quality requirements are checked. Diepvries Doetinchem meets the requirements of the appropriate BRC and SKALL certificates and these can be found under the buttons on the bottom, left hand side.

The Diepvries employees are regularly provided with training on how to comply with the latest laws and standards.


We are a service industry where the word SERVICE is written in capitals. Apart from that we are specialized in the processing of soft fruit. Moreover, we are closely associated with swift changes in the 24 hours’ economy and the globalization. We not only offer standard solutions but are also capable of anticipating swiftly changing requirements.
In other words: have you got a special problem, please do not hesitate to present it to us. We will be bending over backwards to find a special solution for it.